Monday, June 05, 2006

CNN and I

Did ya ever hear about the falling ratings for CNN compaired to say,,,,FOX?
I have a feeling they're worse than is being let on, because the only ones with CNN on is the public acess TVs in waiting rooms.
I just had my DOT physical today and had to sit through the gas"crisis" ballyhoo, and the Republicans inposing a(n) Anti-gay marraige ammendment on America. Then I got to see the Knockdown, dragout fight of the ,,, well,,,, hour between

The Preach



(Bloggers having fits, or there would be pics instead of links)

The only things I heard in the three plus hours that I was there that I agreed with was that the Republican Congress is out of touch, and the "Anti-Gay" marraige amendment wasn't needed.

Oh, I'm also in excellent shape for a 4(coff) year old fat guy. My Doc doc, told me I'm as healthy as a horse, as far as heart, blood and lungs go- anyway. Cool, I'll be sitting in a new truck (when we move to Hondo) and dry in the rain and cool when it's 100+ in the shade.

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