Saturday, June 17, 2006

And here I was told that Rugby players were sooooo, , ,

Masculine, with testosterone ooozing out their ears and all- compared to our wimpy NFL players.

Your Rugby player plays the entire game without any padding, while the average NFL player is cocooned in plastic and only plays on the Offense or Defensive teams.-And makes millions more than a Rugby player.
Your Rugby player thinks a broken shoulder is a minor impediment to his best game, an NFL player has a plastic "codpiece" and needs EMTs to help revive him from an errant knee.

Why am I bringing this up?
Because of this story about a woman streaker. Her old BF wants some of his money back (for "enhancements" he paid for), since she's getting pretty good money offers on a bikini she streaked in at a rugby match.

Now, the final paragraph is the reason for the post:
A recent auction on the site saw a NZ$50 ($31) handbag used by former All Blacks captain Tana Umaga hit a teammate in a barroom fracas fetch NZ$23,000 ($14,300).

OK? a HANDBAG????? A macho rugby players using a purse to hit his buddy with?

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