Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well, we're going to the Saxet gun show this weekend

I've been trying to find out if the anti-gun Nazis have made background checks mandatory at gun shows in Texas. I can't find it by searching. I can find alot of cr@p from about 2002, but nothing telling me if I have to make the trip the next day to pick up the gun.

Cr@p, all I want is to walk out with a revolver. A .22 revolver that the neighbor's think is a pellet gun. Anyone with common sense knows that most crimes are committed by criminals with (somekind) of illegal weapon, anyway. Thanks alot you woosy 'fraidycats who would rather see your kids grow-up without morals or consciences than see them learn self control by having to hold back any kind of impulse.

(UPDATE 01-04-05) I found it, had to go to the enemies site to find out. I kinda like seeing all those red "NO"s up there.

The anti-gun lobby has one state/Federal law wrong.

Are there limitations on assault weapons and magazines? No

No state restriction on the sale or possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons like the AK47 and Uzi. Assault weapons are as easy to buy as hunting rifles. No restriction on the sale or possession of rapid-fire ammunition magazines that can fire up to 100 bullets without reloading. Federal law does prevent the sale of some assault weapons and rapid-fire magazines manufactured after 1994, but the federal law will sunset in 2004 unless Congress and President Bush renew it

See, REAL assault weapons HAVE been banned (exept for special licences) since about the '30s. No public citizen can own or fire a fully automatic weapon without the gov't approving it. These so-called "Assault Weapons" are ugly semi-automatics. You can do as much harm with a semi-automatic that doesn't fit the decription of "Assault Weapon" as you can with one of those ulgly ones that do fit the description.

So, what's the difference? One type is "scarier" than the other.

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