Saturday, January 21, 2006

Well, good on Google

I see that they're fighting the govt' on handing over search engine records.
I know that as any good liberal arm, they won't hesitate to use a 20 yr-old search to hurt a Conservative candidate in the future.
But now they have defied the govt' demand for search results.
See the govt' is looking at child pornographers. Ok, that's good- but DON'T start dredging search requests.

If anyone should be doing something about child porn and kids having access to pornography, it should be the parents. Both girls have computers, but they're nott connected to the internet. I know they won't intentionally search for porn, but it is fairly easy to get into trouble. I made a deal with them- they get internet in their rooms, I put a keylogger on. They both decided to use the family computer.
I know that sooner or later they'll be free to make their own mistakes, but hopefully we at least gave them somekind of standards to judge their actions and computer habits by. The government doesn't need to be babysitting the internet- the parents do.

Google is fighting the request on two main points; privacy and trade secrets.

Google was asked for information on the types of query submitted over a week, and the websites included in its index.

The department wants the data to try to show in court it has the right approach in enforcing an online pornography law.

It says the order will not violate personal privacy, but Google says it is too broad and threatens trade secrets.

Privacy groups say any sample could reveal the identities of Google users indirectly. And they say the demand is a worrying precedent, because the government also wants to make more use of internet data for fighting crime and terrorism.

The privacy part, I think is because it's the Bush administration asking- I somehow don't see any Libs kicking so much if a Clinton appointee would have asked.

Also, they don't want their competition getting any trade secrets from the results.

I also see that Yahoo! rolled right over on us-again, and so did MSN .

I would use Google search except that I KNOW that in the future it'll hold my porn searches against me, and most importantly I don't like the way they display their results.
I guess I'll make another home page, and rely on Dogpile for my searches.

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