Saturday, January 07, 2006

Well, another one bites the dust

Yep, Tom Delay stepped down as House Leader today.
The Democratic attack machinery is in fine repair when it comes to hounding Republicans out of leadership positions. What's that make now? Four? Five?

Any time there's a question- a hint of not being 110% above board ethically, the same ol' lynch mob starts baying.

Then, we have the Democrats who if the story gets out in spite of the Legacy Media- you'd go deaf from the silence. These self-same paragons of finger pointing morality give the truth to the expression "It takes one to know one." In spades.

I have to admit that I'll be glad to get the Bush presidency behind us. Let the open wounds heal.
I just wish the Anti-Bush lunatics would quit ripping open the scabs every time they breath.
Abe Lincoln was treated the same way in his time. Gawd how it must grate on the Moonbats to even THINK of the possibility that Bu$Halburton=Hitler could even come close to Lincoln.

I know they keep pointing to the Clinton Era and how he was (mis)treated by the "Vast Rightwing Conspiracy"- but I don't remember Republican polititians Demanding he step down for every mis-step made (or made-up) in his administration. Sure, He went through an Impeachment hearing- for LYING UNDER OATH. It's called perjury. He should have known the consequences, he's the lawyer- I'm not, and I know I'd go to jail for lying under oath.

But that's the difference between Liberals and Conservatives/Republicans isn't it?
One gets a free pass and all their buddies tripping over themselves in order to praise and protect the (alleged) wrongdoer; and the other side tripping over themselves to kick their ex-leader/friend/political ally when their down.

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