Monday, January 23, 2006

Mother Shehan still on the trail of a 16th minute of fame

This time she's in "good" company. Trotting on the heels of Harry Belefonte and Hillary"!"

Yes, "Mother" Shehan will travel to Venezuela help fellow Socialists dump on America Bush some more.

Sheehan and Chavez will headline a list of yet-to-be-announced speakers from places like Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Colombia, according to the web site

Tens of thousands" of Chavez and Sheehan's fans helped kick off the event by staging a march under the slogan "Contra la Guerra y Contra el Imperio" (Against the War and Against the Empire).
Yep, sounds like the chants of her tens hordes of her fellow semi-lucid followers.
Exept, they left off 'DUDE."

Cindy, go back to whatever it was you were doing before the Comunists Anti-War movement decided they could use you while you were fresh.
Go away, they used your pitious libel untill it didn't work anymore, you're embarassing yourself- really. You are over, you're done, you're toast.
You are sooo - so pre-Thanksgiving!

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