Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just one of those slow days here at casa trainwreck

I din't find anything impelling enough to post about yesterday, and today isn't much better.

I tried searching for some information on the way Mexico treats their own Illegal immigrant problem on their southern border. All I could find was one position type paper and one blog- neither had links to any really concrete evidence. I DID- however find pages of search results on how (badly)we treat the few illegals we actually arrest.
I guess that's a post for someone why has the time and ability to dig for facts.

Wife and I were off yesterday, we went to San Antonio to spend some more money. I wanted to stop at a gun shop to price a .22 revolver but they were closed, so we stopped into Sportsman's Warehouseto see how some fitted her hand. That's ALL we did- I'm not going to pay almost $300 for a .22 revolver -plus tax. We did find out that the one that's comfortable for her hand is a little too small for me. I did like the Academys prices, but just thought that this hoglegporkchop was a little too long at 9" worth of barrel for backyard shooting (it was the only one they had in the showcase).

The 14 yr old 15 in Feb year-old liked the ChexMix so well that she made some for herself last night. I supervised from the computer. She did well. I hope she decides to be the next Racheal Rae , that way she can be "famous" an not be living on the left coast with all those Cali crackpots.

It look like I was wrong in my post on the SPYING investigation.

(Cue the "Patton" music)
It looks like divulging top secret information that your enemy can use to elude detection is now called Patriotism and not traitorous acts.

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