Saturday, January 14, 2006

Just for the ladies

The latest scaremail du jur

If there is a female you care anything about, share this with her. I
did!!!!! I am also sharing this with the males on my email list,
because they need to tell the females THEY care about as well!

Recently a brand called "Red Earth" decreased their prices from $67 to
It contained lead. Lead is a chemical which causes cancer.

The Brands which contain lead are:
4. Y.S.L
7. RED EARTH (Lip Gloss)
8. CHANEL (Lip Conditioner)

The higher the lead content, the greater the chance of causing cancer.

After doing a test on lipsticks, it was found that the Y.S.L. lipstick
contained the most amount of lead.

Watch out for those lipsticks which are supposed to stay longer. If
your lipstick stays longer, it is because of the higher content of lead.

Here is the test you can do yourself:

1. Put some lipstick on your hand.
2. Use a Gold ring to scratch on the lipstick.
3. If the lipstick color changes to black then you know
the lipstick contains lead.

Please send this information to all your girlfriends, wives and female
family members.

This information is being circulated at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Dioxin Carcinogens causes cancer, especially breast cancer.

First, before I even looked in Snopes, I knew that you pretty much have to ingest- eat or drink relativly large quantites of lead to cause problems, and I thought it was mental type problems.

I also didn't know that Dioxin was in the lead family.

Snopes has this to say about the mailing:
We spoke with a compliance officer at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the possibility of lead being present in lipsticks. All dyes used in foodstuffs or cosmetics have to be vetted by the FDA for safety, and although some of the colorants the FDA grants approval to do contain lead, it is present in such miniscule amounts that is has no adverse effects on consumers. Manufacturers who wish to do business in the USA are restricted to the use of FDA-certifiable colors only; otherwise their products will not be allowed in the country or onto the shelves of American stores.

The streaks that supposedly herald the presence of lead in one's lipstick are in reality dark marks produced by the testing agents themselves. Gold, silver, copper, and pewter leave these trails no matter what they're rubbed against, in the same way that pencils make marks on whatever surfaces they are trailed along. That these marks appear more prominent against a lipstick backdrop is attributable to contrast — streaks that look grey against a white background seem brown against a reddish background, and brown is a color more readily picked out by the eye.

Kinda like rubbing tarnish off of metal.

Anyway, go figgure- I got lied to on the internet.

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