Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I was going to make a post about the usual D.C. hypocrisy

But decided, hell- everyone else on the right (maybe the left, too- I don't read the D.U. or Kos) is going to, why should I add my electrons.
Besides I really don't want to spend my night dredging up alot of what the Klan Kennedy has been accused of, from Rum-running to rape.

So, when the Dems decide who gets to ask which question

Do they ever think- WHOA,,,, That guy bringing up questions about that subject could really backfire on us?
Or do they just pick questions out of a hat, and whatever goes goes?
You have Ted Kennedy lecturing about waterboarding(making people feel like they're drowning)- and why wouldn't anyone with even the faintest brush with history remember when he REALLY drowned Mary Jo? He really knows about drowning, doesn't he?

Instead lets talk about R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Generally when we think about Great Briton, we think about the polite law-abiding stiff upperlipped gentry, and their well mannered commoners.

That quaint view hasn't been reality in a decade-or so. Their education system is as bad or worse than ours, the liberal nanny state has taken over as the parents- and responsibility is on it's way out, too. Alot has to do with the fer'ners coming in from their former colonies- and their own illegals problem (thanks to the Chunnel).

Well, the liberal, lazi-fair social experiment is coming to a close.
How about the English version of Hillaries book it takes a village (NOT the dog one- or was it a cat?).

They're going to start enforcing legal actions for "actions of anti-social behavior"
Have a look at what we're looking at if we don't start acting like responsible adults. You know the drill, let everyone get away with almost anything they want, , , until it gets too far out of control- then drop the safe on everyone with the "ZERO TOLERANCE" hammer.

Which is typical Liberal way of thinking as they slam conservatives for telling kids right from wrong, and trying to turn them into responsible adults. Without having to resort to the Zero- tolerance BS.

(UPDATE JAN 11) I really shoulda done spell check before that librarian got here.

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