Sunday, January 01, 2006

I really can't believe that I agree with Nancy Pelosi (D Ca.)

When she's giving her weekly radio address about the Federal budget.

Can you believe that we BOTH think the budget should be redone?
Listen to what she's got to say:

"Today as Americans are making New Year's resolutions, our Democratic New Year's resolution is to renew America's promise," the California congresswoman said.

A budget that addresses issues such as health care and education would create a better future for the American people, she said, but the current Republican spending plan fails to do so.

"The federal budget should be a statement of our national values," Pelosi said. "Sadly, the Republican budget fails that test."

How can we disagree with that? We should be rethinking what kind of message we're sending when we throw half our budget away on entitlement programs. Not to mention the fact that we're going to be spending only gawd-knows how much on Bush's flood of Federal perscription votemongering. We need to address healthcare and education! We need to get the lawers and unions out of them both. Lets stop shovelling money into a bottomless pit that's gaining exactly Jack-chit in efficiency.

I agree that the budget should be a statment of our values. We need to quit kissing @ss on everyone who has their hand out as a gimmie vote.

Now, though I have to stop myself from giving her a swirly when she hypocritically brings the religious right into her diatribe.

"We must draw a fiscal line in the sand. And we must join the religious community in drawing a moral line in the sand," Pelosi said. "Nothing less is at stake than the well-being of America's children, the strength and soundness of our economy, and the respect that America commands in the world."

The ONLY reason she's with the religious community -now- is because they oppose the Republican budget, and lets not go into her moral stance against most things America embraces.
BUT you notice how she finally worked in the "for the children" kant.

You can read more over at Robs place.

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