Sunday, January 01, 2006

Good morning blogworld and I hope a better year than the one just behind us.

And just to show you what's in store for us this year, I give you a sample of the wondrous scientific finds awaiting us!

We've all heard of the mysterious "Elephant Graveyard" where they go to to die.
Now, scientists have found the elusive Dodo graveyard down in Mauritius.

No complete skeleton has ever been found in Mauritius, and the last full set of bones was destroyed in a fire at a museum in Oxford, England, in 1755.

Researchers believe the bones are at least 2,000 years old, and hope to learn more about how dodos lived

The discovery was hailed as a breakthrough in the Netherlands.

"This new find will allow for the first scientific research into and reconstruction of the world in which the dodo lived, before western man landed on Mauritius and wiped out the species," the country's Natural History Museum announced in a statement.

Imagine the wonders that await us with the discovery of Dodo civilization.

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