Sunday, January 29, 2006

Good, maybe other cities will start.

All I can say is they brought it on themselves.
If they want to bitch at someone about it, then look in the mirror.

Because I'm damn tired of hearing that f*cking thumping from a quarter mile away.

The bill would prohibit operating car stereo equipment that creates "louder volume than is necessary for convenient, normal hearing," which is the same language as the city's current anti-noise ordinance.

But the new measure would outlaw possessing or installing any car stereo with a speaker over a foot in diameter; having more than one speaker 10 inches in diameter; more than 10 speakers overall; more than two amplifiers; and any amplifier over 300 watts.

In addition to impounding the car, possible penalties include a minimum of $250 fine on the first offense and $500 on subsequent offenses within a year.

And for all you Liberals out there that piss about "freedom of expression". you can have that cr@p as loud as you want--- DON'T force me to hear it.
I'd rather listen to my own radio without my car shaking.

-On the other hand, the cops should have been enforcing the noise ordinance too. But then the ACLU would have defended those anti-social @ssholes with my tax money.

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