Thursday, January 12, 2006

Gawd, I wish I could find that money quote

I was listening to "WOAI , the blowtorch of south Texas" on the way home, and hear a news clip I wish I could find- I guess "they" know how bad it sounded and got it lost.

The original story was about how well San Antonio is doing, job-wise. I had to hear it again when the rosy jobs prospects were dashed- yes, dashed by the news that the new border fence would hurt new employers from looking here.

REALLY?!?!!? WHAT???

And here I thought they were talking about quality jobs, not more low skilled, low wage jobs that only an illegal would take. They were just talking about all the jobs Toyota was bringing, and Wachovia- cool, maybe I'll turn into a jackbooted Union Thug- except that Texas is a "right to work" state- don't have to join a union to work.

THEN they turn around and put a soundbite of some S.A. City spokes-flack telling about how prospective new businesses will be turned off by the border fence- keeping prospective workers away, , , or some chit.
For as many air bases as San Antonio has, you'd think it would be a little more conservative. But then again 3/4 of the population is helping their illegal kinfolk sponge off the govt' here.

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