Monday, January 30, 2006

Everyone else has their opinion on the Palestinian election, here's mine

The had an election last week, Hammas won. They get what they deserve- heck, we had Bill Clinton during the "Just-do-it" decade. We survived. We also had over 200 years of momentum behind us also democracywize.

The terrorists won, they would have anyway- the innocent victims are the same, the name's just different. I don't know if they (the voters) even would have recognized anyone who was good for them, if they were allowed to run.
Palestine has a duly elected terrorist organization as head of state. They've (the P.A.)already pissed off a lot of money donors for their fiscal irresponsibility of over $600 million in debt already this fiscal year. Now Hammas is the voice and conscience if the Palestinian people.

They are going to have to start acting like a head of state with real responsibilities to the entire government (such as it is) infrastructure (whatever is left) and the surly, ignorant, hate filled population of their country. Next time they, or any of their terrorist buddies decide to maim and kill innocent women and children, they will be creating an act of war from one state aginst another.
I hope when that happens- and the Israelies take off the gloves- that the usual Paliophiles won't step on Israel's neck again. The Palestinians voted them into office to do their will. It was an open election vetted by Dhimmy Carter.
They want to play with the tall dogs, they need to learn to act like a tall dog. They need to really have a good think on who they call allies, and be ready to take their lumps like men.
I know they won't. As soon as Israel treats their attack as the beginning of a war between two nations, they'll cry like a girl for the un to make Israel stop. The Un will come running, too.

My money's on Israel in a fair fight.

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