Thursday, January 05, 2006

Any body notice the price of gas lately?

Ok, stop throwing rocks!
Down here, in the last two days- or so, gas has gone up between a dime and 20 cents/gal. I heard THIS increase was oil speculators.

It doesn't matter, we shouldn't be at the mercy of anyone except our own "Big Oil". Not those camel humpers in the mid-est, not the neo-commies in South America, not the speculators on the floor of the stock market. And for sure not at the tender mercies of those eco-Nazis that want us to melt down every internal combustion engine in America to make bicycles.

I just wrote a note thanking my Congress critters for their efforts in our energy problems,
it went to:
Kay Baily-Hutchinson
John Cornyn
(Both Republican Senators)
And my Representative, Henry Bonilla (R-Tx)

I would like to thank you for the job youÂ’re doing up there in Washington, D.C.
I know you have all kinds of things on your agenda to take care of, so IÂ’d like to tender my heartfelt feelings on the way youÂ’re running things up there- being the majority party in the White house and both houses of Congress. I know it is VERY important to act in a Bi-partisan way, to get along with the Democrats; which brings me to the point of my letter.
IÂ’m not sure if you know that in the past two days (as I write this) gas prices have risen between 9 cents and 20 cents per gallon out here in middle America.
IÂ’d really like to thank you for letting the Democrats and their Eco-Nazis set our energy policy.
If you and the rest of the Republicans would ACT like youÂ’ve been in power for the last five years, we wouldnÂ’t be at the mercy of oil speculators, hurricanes and other factors in energy price spikes.
I fully expect you (the party) to cave in to every Liberal Democratic temper-tantrum that they want to throw–interestsintrests of “Bi-Partisanship”. After all, if you started acting like the Majority party, then the News Media would say bad things about you- that’s OK, they didn’t vote for you- and never will.
I voted for you, and a lot of people feel that youÂ’ve left us standing here all by ourselves in your quest for more votes. We didnÂ’t move to the right, we sat here and watched you drift to the left.
Again, thank you for letting the Democrats run policy up in DC, IÂ’m sure IÂ’m not the only one whoÂ’ll remember why weÂ’re standing here on the right all by ourselves. IÂ’m just wondering, how high are you going to let fuel prices rise before you get the backbone to try to force the issue?

I'll let y'all know when I recieve my replies begging me for my vote.

Stop LAUGHING, I'm serious here.

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