Saturday, December 03, 2005

In the spirit of Scrooge

We have this "anticlause" link.

Don't open it if you are easily offended by santa-porn.

, , , And in the spirit of ruining someones fun, wife is going to check on the 17 yr-old at a sleepover. The girl she's with is just having a (?)th b-day. For the last 45 min. I've been hearing that intrusive thumping carried by 24"speakers on wheels heading toward her friends house.

(Update Dec 4 4:16PM) We just got back from Spicewood with a $1800 Mazda B300.
The party wasn't at the friends hous, it was at the "twins" house. The Sherieffs showed up, too.
Mom went to see if the girls were where they were supposed to be- since we got an answering machine when we called. The girls were home all night. The 17 yr-old told me that they both knew they wouldn't be allowed to go, so didn't ask.

I'm almost proud of her.

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